Cursendus, a sorcerer battle game through email.

The magic email address

How to play



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Screenshot of the game


Cusrendus is a sorcerer battle game based on email.

Open a battle

To start a game, send an email to your rival and add to the recipient list.

Hat 1 Hat 2

You will receive an email with the game and the rules. You will also discover the name of your character. Characters are randomly distributed.


You are able to move and attack. To do so, answer to the initial email. Actions must be written at the very top of the email. Example:

move south
attack F16

As a result of the previous lines, you character will move one square to the south and throw a cast to the square x=F y=16.

Use line breaks to separate commands. You can use multiple commands at once.


Try to attack your enemy by sending casts to cases. Each attack can take from 8 to 10 life points.

Good to know

  • Both players need to play before receiving the next turn
  • After your turn you will receive a message only if your command was invalid. If your turn is valid, you will not receive anything until the other player acts
  • An empty email is not valid


A project by Lisezmoi: Pierre Bertet and Raphaël Bastide.
Cursendus is open source.